American Truck Simulator Is Out Early Out Of Respect For The Way You Handle Your Rig

Trucker clock, who wants it?


Been hankering for a sim that'll let you truck cross-country through America? Counting down the hours until a game like Euro Truck Simulator made its debut? You'll be pleased to know that American Truck Simulator is releasing early today.

The official SCS Software blog has the deets:

"We will start the release process this evening already (CET time zone), and while we are not sure if we'll need an hour or three to press all the buttons that must be pressed, we expect that the game will unlock a few hours before midnight already. Both the keys sold in digital channels as well as keys in retail boxes will start working at the same time. Looking at the clock now, you should be able to play the game in less than 12 hours!"

10-4, good buddy. Everyone, brush up on your CB talk. It's almost time to head out in the rig.

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