Her Story 2 Is A Thing, But Totally Unrelated to The First Game

It could turn out the game is his story or something else entirely. 


Love stringing together video clips to form a narrative? You probably loved Her Story, the tale of a woman's tattoos, alibis, and murder.

Creator Sam Barlow is hard at work on a sequel, but it's actually more of a spiritual successor to the first game. The news broke today via Barlow's twitter, where he posted a one-pager, or a basic design document of Her Story 2. He stated the game won't be related at all to the original game story-wise, and in fact Her Story 2 is actually a working title. Luckily, it will feature live-action actors. At this point it just has to, doesn't it?

Hopefully additional details will emerge in the coming weeks. I for one am just excited to see FMV making a return to games. I have very fond memories of playing games rife with those scenes in my childhood. Harvester, anyone?

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