2K introduces two new, and very important, Battleborn characters

If you plan on taking part in Battleborn's Story Mode, you're going to want to know who Ghalt and Deande are.


2K and Gearbox Software are introducing two new playable heroes for its upcoming shooter, Battleborn: Ghalt and Deande. Both of these new characters play an integral role in Battleborn’s Story Mode.

Ghalt is the leader of the Battleborn and is described as the banner carrier for the fight to save the last star, Solus. Ghalt sends out a rallying cry to gather heroes once the second-to-last star falls. He uses a revolver shotgun, a hook that can reel in enemies, mines called Scraptraps, and he's able to dual wield when his ultimate is activated.

Deande is a thousand-year old “spymistress” for the Jennerit Empire, spending the majority of those years secretly attempting to sabotage the enemy’s star-killing campaign. With Solus being the only star left, she defects and joins Ghalt and his Battleborn to attack the enemy head on. Deande uses Tessurium War Fans as her primary weapon of choice, a hologram that explodes after eight seconds or if she's killed, a burst dash ability, and her ultimate, Blink Storm, unleashes an onslaught of rapid strikes that can stun up to five enemies, while also delivering massive damage.

Battleborn's Story Mode is playable in either singleplayer, co-op for up to 5 players, or in 2-player splitscreen.

Battleborn is scheduled to release on May 3 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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