Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow Restore Points Disabled in Upcoming Virtual Console Releases

You'll have to play by the rules just like it's 1998.


The classic Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow games are making their way to the Virtual Console for 3DS, but there's a bit of a catch if you're thinking you might be able to use restore points.

Those helpful markers that allow players to pause games to save at any time are available on all of the other Game Boy titles on the Virtual Console. But it looks like they're going to be removed for these Pokemon favorites. This news comes by way of Serebii.net, who discovered that the save backup option has been disabled for the games, as well as access to the 3DS Home menu and Virtual Console when engaged in battles or attempting trades.

This most likely is the case because otherwise players may be able to trigger certain hacks or exploits with the games' save files. Could be a bummer if you were expecting to do anything crazy with the games, but not so much an issue for everyone else. The games are releasing on February 27 to the eShop, and a spiffy New 3DS bundle with all three games is releasing the same day.

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