Final Fantasy Explorers Lets You Run With Legendary Characters

Aerith isn't back, but you can pretend she is with Trance Mode!


When Final Fantasy Explorers releases for 3DS next Tuesday, players are in for a bit of a surprise. While in Trance Mode during battle, 11 popular Final Fantasy characters will be available to choose from. From Cloud to Cecil, if you've got a favorite hero or heroine, they're probably included.

Moves like Cloud's Omnislash, Squall's Lion Heart, and Tidus's Blitz Ace can be utilized in battle, much like Vaan's "don't listen to Ondore's lies" speech. That part was a joke. Vaan's along for the ride too, though. Why Vaan instead of literally anyone else from Final Fantasy XII? Who knows?

There are still plenty of other awesome Final Fantasy leads to choose from, and the fact they're included makes the wait until next week that much more difficult. Which character are you excited to call forth in battle?

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