Adr1ft fights for survival on Oculus VR and PC in March 2016

Prepare to fight for survival as Adr1ft is launching in just a few months on PC, while consoles will get their chance shortly after its initial launch.


Three One Zero and 505 Games have announced Adr1ft will be launching on Oculus Rift and on Steam on March 28th, 2016. Console versions of the game will be released shortly after its initial launch on PC.

Adr1ft has been in development for quite some time as we’ve published two separate previews for the game over the past year. The game is a very different kind of experience as the player is in control of a woman who finds out who she is and other characters as she progresses.

The player wakes up as a lone survivor of what appears to be a disaster in space, although all memory of the incident is completely gone. The player needs to find out what happened, but time is not on her side as she has sparse resources and is slowly running out of oxygen.

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