CES 2016: 2nd Gen HTC Vive includes front-facing camera, improved controllers, and more

HTC has been fine tuning its Vive VR headset, and at CES, it's revealing various improvements its made to the device.


HTC has announced its second-generation Vive VR system called the Vive Pre, which features a front-facing camera, room-scale technology, and more.

The HTC Vive Pre has a refined design to offer greater comfort to the wearer as it’s now more compact and includes an updated strap design that provides greater stability and balance. It includes an improved visual system with brighter displays, clearer images, and a deeper sense of presence. HTC has also focused on a more comfortable experience as the inside of the Vive Pre has interchangeable foam inserts and nose gaskets while also being able to easily adjust to a variety of facial shapes and is compatible with a variety of eyeglasses.

The Vive Pre’s integrated front-facing camera helps bring elements of the real world into VR as users will be able to do more both inside and outside of their virtual world. This can be done by blending physical elements into the virtual space, so you’ll be able to interact with the outside world without the need of removing the headset.

To help round out the new experience, the Vive’s controllers have been overhauled and enhanced with updated ergonomics, softer edges, greater balance, textured buttons, and grip pads. It also has a dual-stage trigger and haptic feedback and has integrated lithium polymer batteries that can be recharged via micro USB to provide over four hours of use on a single charge.

The HTC Vive is still scheduled for commercial launch in April 2016.

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