Xbox One-exclusive ReCore is also coming to PC; now releasing in '2016'

Microsoft is changing when and how ReCore is released this year.


Microsoft announced ReCore would be launching exclusively on the Xbox One, but today, it appears the publisher has changed it plans a bit as the game will now also be headed to PC. As a result, its release date window has changed from Spring 2016 to now only being pegged for a 2016 release.

Microsoft snuck this information into a new blog post detailing the future of Xbox games as well as how it performed in 2015. ReCore is listed as a new title expected to be released in 2016, although both the inclusion of a PC release and new release date window are completely new.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to learn some more information regarding ReCore’s apparent delay and additional PC release. We’ll be sure to update this story once we hear back from them.

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    January 4, 2016 8:05 AM

    Daniel Perez posted a new article, Xbox One-exclusive ReCore is also coming to PC; now releasing in '2016'

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      January 4, 2016 8:24 AM

      They may have seen the Tomb Raider reaction and poor sales and decided to make a change. This should be a solid holiday release anyway. Fall 2016 seems about right. Lets just hope Iron Galaxy doesn't do the PC port. I am looking at you, Dave Lang.

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      January 4, 2016 4:26 PM

      This being published by Microsoft I wonder what that means for PC sales. Is it a Windows 10 exclusive? Will you need to have some Microsoft like version of Steam open to play? I'm curious to see how they'll proceed.

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      January 4, 2016 4:45 PM

      nice nice

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      January 4, 2016 4:46 PM

      Considering that developer hasn't shipped a single of it's 3 announced games this does not surprise me.

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