The Tomorrow Children beta works tirelessly towards a January launch

Prepare to work for the glory of all in January!


The Tomorrow Children will be receiving a closed beta starting on January 21st and will only be online “for a short period of time” until January 23rd.

Q-Games’ director Dylan Cuthbert announced the upcoming closed beta’s launch and revealed an exclusive costume will be awarded to participants. For those who wish to take part in the upcoming beta, head on over to the PSN Beta site to sign up.

While Cuthbert doesn’t say what we can expect from the upcoming beta, a trailer was released that includes a special message from The Void. “We are now ready for an experiment.” the Void says in the trailer. “An experiment that will push forward the frontiers of development for our great land. Each cog in a machine has its place and we must all work together. You’re all here and ready to work now, correct? Now go and work for the glory of all!”

Judging by The Void’s message, we think it’s safe to assume players will be given access to a large portion of The Tomorrow Children during the beta period. Since it’ll only last for two days, those who are invited should waste no time and get as much work done as possible, for the glory of all!

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