Steam Autumn Sale 2015 kicks off today at 10am PT

Are you ready for another Steam sale? Is anyone ever ready?


As we reported last week, the Steam Autumn sale is kicking off today at 10am PT and will end on December 1st at 10am PT.

The Steam Autumn Sale was confirmed by Valve last week via a post on the Steamworks developer group giving developers a heads up of the upcoming sale. While the post gave us a glimpse as to when we should expect today’s sale to commence, it also informed us this sale was going to be slightly different from previous sales.

For the Autumn Sale, Flash and Daily Sales will not be available. While that may upset most Steam users, there’s a reason why Valve is scrapping Flash and Daily Sales this time around. According to the Steamworks developer group post, Valve wants to “optimize the sale for customers and to allow [it] to feature and recommend [their] products in more ways to more customers.” As a result, Valve is asking developers to provide a single discount that will run the entire length of the Autumn Sale.

Valve says top games will still be highlighted on Steam’s front page for 24 - 48 hour spans, but those that aren't highlighted will stay at their most competitive discount.

Considering how much Valve takes its customer feedback to heart, we're sure this little experiment will receive a lot of feedback over the sale duration. Whether or not removing Flash and Daily Sales from the equation will help or hurt developers is yet to be seen.

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