Fable III sneaks into Xbox One backwards compatibility feature

Microsoft announced 104 Xbox 360 games would be playable on the Xbox One, but it looks like the 105th game snuck in.


Microsoft released a major update for its Xbox One yesterday, called its New Experience, which featured the addition of backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 titles. The company revealed the first 104 games to be added to its new feature, but one game appears to be available to play, although it hasn’t officially been released.

Fable III appears to have sneaked into the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature as even though only Fable II was listed, its sequel can be downloaded and played, although you have to jump some hurdles to get it on your console. That’s because Fable III doesn’t automatically show up in your “Ready to Install” list, but we know how you can start playing it immediately.

You’ll need to search for Fable III in the Xbox Store, where you’ll then need to have it installed to your Xbox One from its listing in the marketplace. In order for this to work, you’ll need to already own it, although once it’s installed, you’ll need to play it offline. Launching it while connected to Xbox Live will result in an update prompt, which will continually fail.

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