Street Fighter 5 beta reveals Ken and Ryu-focused tutorial mode

Both Ken and Ryu have a long history together, and it appears we'll be taking part in some of it in Street Fighter 5's tutorial mode.


Street Fighter 5 will be releasing on PC and PlayStation 4 on February 16, 2016, although fans of the fighting series have been able to take part in its beta over the past few weeks. While we knew we’d be able to partake in a few online matches, what we didn’t know was its tutorial could be accessed. Thanks to this leak, we now know Capcom is throwing a little history at us with Street Fighter 5’s tutorial mode.

The tutorial mode features both Ken and Ryu training with Gouken. The two don’t appear to resemble how they look in Street Fighter 5, but instead, they resemble how they appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3. The training sequence will help players learn the basics of Street Fighter 5, which includes movement, dodging, and performing attacks. In fact, what was shown appears to be the absolute basics of the Street Fighter franchise.

While its training mode appears to highlight some of Ken and Ryu’s history training together, we assume it will be separate from the game’s story mode. It's still pretty thrilling to experience the early days of both of these iconic characters, even if it's only during a tutorial mode.

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