Paragon Is Epic Games' Latest Endeavor

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Epic Games has just announced its newest game, and beta signups are open right now. It's called Paragon, and it's headed for a PC release in early 2016.

While details are a bit scant at the moment as to what players will be able to expect from Paragon, context clues at the official beta signup site point to the game debuting as a MOBA or a hero-based shooter.

Once you enter the site you're coaxed to choose a character from a list of five who will be revealed every week. The first selection you can investigate is Twinblast, but we can expect to see Steel next week, and then Sparrow, Dekker, and Grux.

You can create an Epic Games account right now and choose what character Twinblast will "fight for" out of glory, pride, fortune, and infamy, and you'll receive a special in-game item unlock for when the beta launches. You can change this selection at any time.

It's a little strange that there's no gameplay to speak of or even a teaser trailer, especially with how quietly this announcement was made, but I surmise we'll be seeing a whole lot more in the next few weeks as the characters are revealed.

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