ARK: Survival Evolved lets you experience the joy of dino birth

ARK: Survival Evolved is a dinosaur breeding update, letting you make the cutest little monstrosities.


ARK: Survival Evolved wants to give you the ability to make sweet, sweet dino babies. No, seriously. With ARK playable via Early Access, dev team Studio Wildcard has announced several new additions to the work-in-progress title that'll have dinosaur fans all over eager to get started raising cute little infant dinosaurs.

ARK will now include breeding, so players can take two members of the same dinosaur species and pair them off for offspring that will retain selected traits from its parents. This means players will have to be choosy with the dinosaurs they choose to breed if they're looking to raise a generation of genetically superior creatures. It'll be a challenge, especially since you're responsible for the baby from its incubation period to infancy to its final adult stage. Baby photo op!

In addition to introducing dino breeding, ARK will feature the "Terror of the Deep," or Mosasaurus Suspirita. This is considered to be the largest water-dwelling dinosaur out there and will act as a massive boon to players needing transportation back and forth from aquatic bases. 

If you're looking for a reason to get into ARK: Survival Evolved, dinosaur breeding may well be one of the best to do it. Just think about how cute the little scaly babies will be. 

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