Heroes of the Storm Cursed Hollow Tips and Strategies

We head into the Cursed Hollow, where Heroes of the Storm players try to lay a spell on each other. Here are tips to see you through to victory without becoming the Raven Lord's victim.


The Cursed Hollow is a 3-lane Heroes of the Storm map that's all about finding the best way to stick it to your opponents. Its grounds are haunted by the Raven Lord, who demands tributes in exchange for favor.

A tribute will intermittently materialize randomly across six locations. Their locations quickly become highly contested areas as both teams rush to collect them. Once a team has collected three tributes, the Raven Lord will cast a curse on the opposing team, which temporarily weakens their minions to 1 hit point each, and prevents their guard towers from firing. This is an opportunity for the controlling team to push its advantage and tear straight through into enemy territory.

General Tips:

Communication: The objectives for this map might seem straightforward, but there's a lot going on. Teammates have to coordinate with each other, or else they risk getting too split up between defending lanes, rushing after tributes, and acquiring mercenaries.

Go on the Offensive: A popular strategy is to apply constant pressure across all three lanes, then make a major push for the enemy's base when a tribute appears. Then the opposing team has to choose between picking up the tribute or defending their camp. With proper coordination, your team might be able to draw enough opponents away from the tribute so that a couple of allied heroes can step in and take the tribute for your team. It's an extremely tricky move, but it could turn the tide of the battle.

Alternatively, a team could play defensively. That means everyone dropping whatever they're doing as soon as a tribute appears and going after it as one large group of Heroes to maximize their chances of taking it. The first team to surround the tribute has an advantage.

The Big Blitz: Acquiring all three tributes early on in the game, when both teams are more or less equal, provides an incredible advantage. But instead of using it to break through single lane, use the opportunity to attack all three lanes at once. That way, you can significantly weaken your enemy's defenses across the board for the rest of the match. Your team will have more flexibility, should it need to change tactics, and it won't give the opposition a single area concentrate its defense on. It's also a great way to get a ton of experience early on.

All Along the Watchtowers: The Cursed Hollow features watchtowers that players can take control of. They can provide a significant tactical advantage by giving the controlling team vision in the area, so they can keep track of enemy movements.

Hiring Mercenaries: Teams can acquire Siege Giants or Knights as mercenaries to fight on their side. There are also Grave Golem bosses located at the center of the forest. Any of them will provide a significant advantage when fighting for control of a lane or taking an tribute, but they have the potential to do the most damage after cursing the enemy team. That's your opportunity to really crush their defenses. It may be worthwhile to keep a close eye on the enemy team's movements to try to stop them from getting mercenaries for themselves.

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