Unreal Tournament Gets Updated with CTF Maps and More This Weekend

The new Unreal Tournament got a big update for the weekend, which adds three new CTF maps, which includes a remake of Facing Worlds.


The new Unreal Tournament is getting its biggest content release to date this weekend, featuring three new Capture the Flag maps. The maps, given the full Unreal Engine 4 treatment include Titan Pass (based on CTF-Outside), a remake of the ever popular Facing Worlds map (great for headshots), and Pistola Battleground, created by a community member and based on the Unreal Tournament 2004 map of the same name. 

Other additions include a new Pre-Alpha Season progression system, offline challenges, a playable female Necris character named Visse and Garog, Skaarj trooper. It's a great weekend for firing off that sniper rifle, link gun, or rocket launcher.

Unreal Tournament, which is still in development, is available to download and play for free for PC. 

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