Magicka 2 spells now includes Poison thanks to today's free update

Paradox has released a new update for Magicka 2 that now allows would-be wizards to cast a Poison spell as well as two other spells.


Magicka 2 has received a major free update that completely overhauls the game’s iconic spellcasting system that introduces three additional elements.

Magicka 2 will now feature a new Poison element which can be created by combining Water and Death, and as a result, generates a cloud of toxic gas that saps life from whoever is caught in its blast. Two other elements are being brought up from the original Magicka to its sequel: Ice and Steam.

In addition to today’s Magicka 2 update, some in-game content is currently on sale that includes the Gates of Midgard Challenge Pack and Tree Cardinals Robe Pack. Both of these can be purchased as a part of the Three Cardinals Points Super Pack bundle at

Today’s update is currently available for the PC version of Magicka 2. PlayStation 4 owners will be getting their update “very soon.”

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