Google recognizes Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary with special Easter egg

Super Mario Bros. is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Google has decided to feautre a special Easter egg on its site in honor of its accomplishment.


This weekend marked the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, and while we were all busy playing Super Mario Maker, Google has decided to pay homage to the series with a special Easter egg.

The Easter egg can be accessed by searching for “Super Mario Bros” in Google. The Super Mario Bros. Google card will then come up on the right side of its search results, along with a familiar Question Box. Clicking on the Question Box will reward the user with a Gold coin and 200 points, although we didn’t see any part of the search results showing off how many coins and score we’ve earned.

Super Mario Maker released last week and we’re rightfully obsessed with Nintendo’s latest game. The game was made even better with the release of its first patch, although we think the game could be even more addictive so long as the company expands it with the proper downloadable content.

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