Mortal Kombat X patch will buff Kotal Khan, Reptile, and others tomorrow [Update]

NetherRealm has completed its look into tomorrow's Mortal Kombat X patch, which is set to include some new buffs to a number of the game's kombatants. (Update: The patch notes are up!)


Update: The patch are up and running. Maybe brew a cup of coffee for this one.

Original story: NetherRealm is coming off of an eventful SummerJam event, in which Mortal Kombat X was center stage for much of it. And yes, that includes one of the most memorable First to 10 beatdowns ever seen. But now it's time to get back to business, as the developer held its latest Kombatkast on Twitch to reveal the latest batch of Mortal Kombat X patch notes.

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The stream kicked off with the NetherRealm team listing some general gameplay fixes. This includes various timing fixes, wake-up fixes with the Block button, and option select fixes, in general. Players will no longer be able to input special moves in a string and not have to worry about performing the move if the previous strikes were blocked. Now there is room to be punished. Other adjustments include collision adjustments and other quality of life improvements.

The team then went into specific character changes. Here's a sample of the changes that were on display:


  • Resurrect is no longer forced, as players can opt out of it by holding Down. This will only apply in the first round.
  • Jason no longer acquires "damage" over all rounds. Damage gained will be reset between rounds.

Kung Lao

  • More pushback on the Hat Throw.
  • Slightly more damage on overhead combos.
  • Buzzsaw moves now do a universal 5% damage.


  • Cryomancer variation has received some offensive buffs, with certain combos now good for more damage.
  • Unbreakable variation can now perform the Ice Burst move, offering new combos and a crucial anti-air move.
  • Grandmaster variation's Enhanced Clone has been adjusted.


  • Many of his moves are much safer for combos.
  • Standing lash now hits twice.
  • Enhanced Triple Kunai now hits more consistently, opening up more combo possibilities.
  • Tornado is now safe on block and now hits for a hard knockdown.
  • Ronin variation's normal moves have been adjusted to hit slightly farther.
  • Several frame changes.

Jacqui Briggs

  • Enhanced Low Rocket will now stand up opponent automatically.
  • Enhanced Ground Pound launches opponent.
  • Standing and ducking jabs are faster. Uppercut is faster.


  • Damage scaling mostly across the board.
  • Hunter variation's Trap has been fixed so that it doesn't stay out.
  • Slight laser adjustments, giving opponent 5 extra recovery frames.


  • Shinnok pushback increased noticeably, nerfing many of his combos.


  • Cutthroat variation Enhanced Power Up moves do less damage, but works faster.
  • Cybernetic variation eye laser now reacts faster. Can now be used for combos.
  • Commando variation moves are faster. Opponents pop up faster, offering additional combo possibilities.

Johhny Cage

  • Stunt Double variation Enhanced Shadow Kick will now reach full screen.

Erron Black

  • Gunslinger variation's Coin has quicker recovery, for more consistent and faster combos.

Liu Kang

  • Dragon's Fire variation can now switch stances faster, allowing for greater combos.
  • Dualist variation has adjusted recovery on Fireballs. Air Fireball recovers faster.
  • Flame Fist variation's frames adjusted.


  • Spectral variation can now link his normal attacks in-flight. Spectral Charge has been buffed to travel faster and go full screen.

Kotal Khan

  • Blood God variation's Blood Totem can now be fed by Blood Sacrifice. Blood Totem will gain power, even as Khan is blocking.
  • Sun God variation has new special move, allowing him to summon light to increase his level and power up his command grab. Health recovery on cashing out sunlight has been increased.
  • War God variation has received some frame fixes.


  • Deceptive variation can now combo into Enhanced Invisibility.
  • Nimble variation can perform Enhanced Slide from full screen.
  • Acid Spit can do 3% more damage.


  • Ruthless variation's Pain and Gain buffed to increase speed, but throws Ferra off Torr's back.


  • Displacer variant's Teleport is faster. No longer costs stamina when using Teleport in front of players.
  • Master of Storms variation's traps now do proximity damage.


  • Kuatan Warrior variation can now combo into Enhanced Punch Walk.
  • Dragon Fangs variation can now combo into Enhanced Dragon-Cut.

There's much more to the latest round of Mortal Kombat X patch notes, which will be made available for viewing shortly. The new Mortal Kombat X patch is expected to hit all platforms in the next 24 hours.

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