Double Fine teams up with Adult Swim Games for Headlander

As the name suggest, players can expect to have their head landing on a lot of weird places.


Double Fine and Adult Swim Games have announced a new 2D-side-scrolling sci-fi adventure game called Headlander, which is expected to release in 2016.

In Headlander, players take control of a character who doesn’t remember a time where it had a body. They wake up as a head in a helmet and set out to find out who they are and what exactly is going on while landing in the right places. This is made easier through the use of thrusters located at the bottom of your head.

The character takes over the bodies of robotic citizens, earning different abilities depending on the body they land on. As you hope from body to body, you’ll earn experience points in addition to a brand-new bod that can be used to get around or fight. Combat isn’t the main draw of Headlander as players will be focusing more on discovering different locations and solving puzzles, similar to a Metroidvania game.

Headlander is set to release in 2016. Currently no platforms have been announced for the game.

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