Destiny: The Taken King subclass skills shown off for Hunter, Warlock, and Titan

Want to get a taste of what the new subclasses will offer in Destiny: The Taken King? Then you should check out all of the new info Bungie released.


Bungie outlined some of the new skills and Artifacts that will be available for the new subclasses in Destiny: The Taken King.

The Warlock subclass will be able to use a skill called Storm Caller, which channels lightning when used. The lightning doesn’t stop there as a new Storm Grenade is also available that causes an AoE storm wherever it lands. The Warlock is also able to float above enemies to throw lightning bolts and can make use of Chain Lightning and a new Pulsewave Artifact that will provide a speed boost.

The Hunter subclass is called the Nightstalker and it’s the first support-type class. A Spike grenade was shown as well as a Smoke Bomb and the Shadowshot attack. The Smoke Bomb allows for the Hunter to vanish in smoke when a retreat is the only option left.

The Titan subclass was also highlighted as well as the Sunbreaker Hammer. When the hammer is combined with the Sunspot mechanic, it will supply the player with a gain overkill and fire will rain down on enemies.

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