Dying Light gets co-op demo that offers over 3 hours of 'unique content'

Techland has released a co-op demo for Dying Light on Xbox One and PC with a PlayStation 4 release coming later today.


Techland has announced a co-op demo for Dying Light is now available on PC and Xbox One with a PlayStation 4 release expected later today.

The new Dying Light demo lets players explore the majority of the Slums while offering three hours of "unique content."The content includes one story quest chain and a number of side quests, challenges, and random encounters. Players can also expect core gameplay mechanics to be available, including day and night cycle, its parkour-based Natural Movement system, crafting, and more. And, in case you couldn’t tell by the title of this story, there’s online co-op support for up to four players.

“With the demand for Dying Light still high after more than half a year on the market, we wondered what else we could do to help players decide which game to buy', " says Dying Light producer Tymon Smektala. "Then we thought: demos were pretty much a standard in the previous generation, but suddenly they’ve become few and far between. So we decided to use some of our resources to release a demo now and let everyone experience our game first-hand.”

This demo comes at a great time for Techland as its upcoming story-based expansion, The Following, will introduce drivable dirt buggies, a new massive map, and a new progression system. We also considered Dying Light to be one of our favorites of 2015 so far.

The company released a new gameplay trailer that shows over 15 minutes of uncut footage from the expansion, which you can view for yourself below.

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