Dying Light: The Following Trailer Takes a Ride to the Countryside

Dying Light: The Following's trailer reveals an all-new zombie filled adventure through the countryside. This expansion will include a ton of new content, and a sweet ride for exploring the world.


After a big showing at Gamescom this year, a new trailer has emerged for Dying Light: The Following, a new expansion for the free-running zombie survival game. It will be set in a new area that is bigger than all the original Dying Light maps combined. The main character, Kyle Crane, will travel the Harran countryside to uncover a group of cultists, whose beliefs have some sort of connection to the zombie outbreak. To do so, he'll get to drive fully customizable dirt buggies. Additionally, players will have to earn the trust of the locals and make key decisions in order to infiltrate the cult. 

There is no release date for the expansion yet, but it will retail for $14.99. Season Pass owners will get the expansion for free.

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