Disney Infinity 3.0 new Toy Box includes online matchmaking, townspeople jobs, and more

Disney Interactive has released new information regarding the Toy Box that will launch in Disney Infinity 3.0, which includes online multiplayer matchmaking, the ability to give Townspeople Sidekicks jobs, and more.


Disney Interactive has revealed new details surrounding the new Toy Box features in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition that includes a dedicated hub, a special multiplayer area, and watch other Toy Box creations from the comfort of the game’s theater.

Disney Infinity 3.0 will feature a brand-new Toy Box Hub where all experiences will kick off. A total of six game zones can be accessed from the hub, which includes platforming, combat, racing, INteriors, community, and farming.

Those looking for a competitive Toy Box experience can head on over to Flynn’s Arcade. The arcade uses a lobby-style multiplayer system, which allows players to play with anyone online through matchmaking. If you prefer to sit back and watch others play, El Captain is where you need to go as you can view episodes of Toy Box TV, preview and download the latest community-made Toy Boxes, or just hang out in the theater's lobby.

Townspeople Sidekicks will play a more important role other than being adorable obstacles that can be thrown at your friends. Players will now be able to recruit Townspeople Sidekicks to support in combat, unlock exploration modes to help build within the Toy Box, and cultivate crops. Players can give them different jobs with custom gear or make improve their stats with the food and treats they grow.

A number of new tools and toys will also be introduced in Disney Infinity 3.0’s Toy Box, such as a patch creator, toy dispenser, and a music note player. New vehicles, like Mad Hatter’s Teacup, Splash Mountain log, TRON Light Cycle, and more will be available. Fans of Radio Disney will also be able to enjoy a livestream from the radio station when they connect online and have this toy placed in their Toy Box.

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