New Heroes of the Storm patch includes Kharazim, new battleground, and much more

The upcoming patch for Heroes of the Storm will be a large one as we can expect Kharazim, the new Infernal Shrines map, and much, much more.


Blizzard has revealed details for Heroes of the Storm’s next patch, and it’s quite a big one as we can expect Diablo 3 Monk Kharazim, the new Infernal Shrines map, and several game tweaks to become available.

We learned about Kharazim last week as he is the first character to have two distinct selectable traits as well as being the first support-class character from the Diablo series. He can learn one of three traits, which includes:

  • Transcendence
    • Every third Basic Attack heals the lowest nearby allied Hero.
  • Iron Fists
    • Every third Basic Attack deals 100% bonus damage.
  • Insight
    • Every third Basic Attack restores Mana.

As far as Kharazim’s abilities, here’s his basic and heroic abilities:

  • Radiant Dash (Q)
    • Jump to an ally or enemy. Enemies are immediately hit with a Basic Attack. Stores up to two charges. 12 second cooldown per charge.
  • Breath of Heaven (W)
    • Heal nearby allied Heroes, granting them a 10% Movement Speed bonus for 3 seconds.
  • Deadly Reach (E)
    • Your next Basic Attack increases your Attack Speed and Attack Range by 100% for 2 seconds.
  • Seven-Sided Strike (R)
    • Become Invulnerable, striking 7 times over 2 seconds in a large area. Each strike deals 7% of the target’s maximum Health as damage, and prioritizes the Hero with the highest remaining Health.
  • Divine Palm (R)
    • Protect an allied Hero from death. The next source of fatal damage within 3 seconds is prevented, and the target is instead healed for a large amount.

The new Infernal Shrines map continues Diablo’s Eternal Conflict influence on the game by introducing a three-lane map where players fight to summon bosses who will push the nearest lane to focus on attacking Heroes while also destroying anything else in its path.

The upcoming patch also introduces the expected tweaks to several Heroes, such as removing Spell Shield from Kael-Thas, increasing the attack damage of Raynor, and increasing the health, artillery damage and tweaking siege mode for Sgt. Hammer. There are a ton of changes to Heroes being made, so you should check out Blizzard’s website to see if your favorite Hero has been affected.

Blizzard is also introducing a number of rewards for Diablo 3 players in this upcoming patch. Diablo 3 players that log into Heroes of the Storm within the three weeks following the release of this patch will receive the Diablo Hero for free. Malthael’s Phantom will be given for free to anyone who has reached level 70 with a seasonal character in Diablo 3, starting with season 4. Blizzard is also offering a HotS-style portrait border and pennant for use in Diablo 3 for players who hit level 12.

There’s currently no release date for HotS’ upcoming patch, but it’s currently available to check out in the game’s PTR (Public Test Realm), so you can check out all of these changes for yourself prior to its official launch.

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