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Shack Reels: Top 10 Best Mario Games

Everyone has their pick of favorite Mario games, but just which 10 of the plucky plumber's outings rank best at Shacknews? Join Greg Burke as he counts down to the very best Mario game.


Every Nintendo fan has his or her personal list of best Mario games. After all, Mario has been around for 30 years. So before Nintendo celebrates his 30th birthday with the release of Super Mario Maker, Shacknews is taking a look back at ten of the portly plumber's best adventures.

Join Greg Burke for this week's Top 10, as he looks back at the 10 Best Mario Games, ranging from his tried-and-true platformers, to his time behind the wheel, to his memorable RPG outings.

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From The Chatty

  • reply
    August 7, 2015 3:30 PM

    Shack Staff posted a new article, Shack Reels: Top 10 Best Mario Games

    • reply
      August 7, 2015 3:43 PM

      LOL, so meta! good job!

    • reply
      August 8, 2015 7:58 AM

      I'm sitting here stunned that you picked Mario Kart 64 over Mario Kart 8, but you're right -- battle mode was such a huge part of that game. I don't think I could have resisted putting MK8 somewhere on that list, esp since I never played a lot of the games like Paper Mario or Mario RPG.