Heroes of the Storm getting patched up by Starcraft 2's Medic as new Hero

Blizzard has announced a new Hero in Heroes of the Storm: the Medic from Starcraft 2.


Blizzard has announced its popular MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, is getting yet another new Hero, the Medic from Starcraft 2.

As you would expect from a Medic class from any game, she is a support character that will help her team through single-target healing as well as with the use of her shield. The Medic is also able to disrupt enemy advances through the use of her grenades.

The Medic's Heroic ability makes use of the Medivac from Starcraft 2 to help transport herself as well as an ally to another part of the battlefield. The Medivac is able to make short- and long-range jumps, and as long as the team works with the Medic with her Heroic, it can be an absolutely devestating ability if used in the right hands.

Blizzard appears to be filling out the amount of support that's available in the roster for Heroes of the Storm. While the Medic appears to be a purely support character, Kharazim will allow players the ability to decide whether they want to go support or be a lethal assassin depending on the upgrade patch players choose.

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    August 7, 2015 9:39 AM

    Daniel Perez posted a new article, Heroes of the Storm getting patched up by Starcraft 2's Medic as new Hero

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      August 7, 2015 1:11 PM

      awww... no vid of the Medic. I was originally hoping that would have been Uther's kind of role, but glad to see their bringing in a kind of generic character.

      May have to finish leveling up Uther. That's a cool skin. BUT, that Doomhammer! Love it!

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        August 7, 2015 1:42 PM

        There's some video of the medic about 51 minutes into this video.

        It looks like her main function is to put shields on teammates. The medivac has a HUD overlay when you're controlling it.

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      August 8, 2015 2:51 AM

      The medic's transportation ult will enable some very interesting plays; bet we'll see the pros do some crazy shit with that.

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        August 8, 2015 5:08 AM

        OMG. Just saw the video from the link above. Yeeeeah. That'll wreck some strategy especially if you're playing against a medic and not watching the map.

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