Bungie ridding Destiny players of Dinklebot, Recasts Ghost's Voice as Nolan North

Bungie has decided to completely revamp the Ghost character in Destiny 2.0.


Destiny has a lot riding on the Taken King DLC which is set to drop this September, and earlier today Game Informer managed to nab some interesting details about the upcoming DLC, and Destiny 2.0. Dinklebot, the Peter Dinklage-voiced Ghost that everyone has grown to love to hate, is getting an overhaul.

Bungie has announced that they have recast the role to Nolan North (known for several voices including Nathan Drake of Uncharted) as the all-important Ghost who guides players on their adventures in the world of Destiny. This is somewhat exciting news, as players have come to loath Dinklebot and the terrible conditions of his voice acting in Destiny. But can North actually make it better? Was Dinklage’s poor voice acting the true cause of the Ghost character’s failure to gain the love of fans? Time will only tell, but it will be interesting to see how well this complete overhaul of one of Destiny’s most important voiced characters goes over.

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