Destiny - Where to find Xur and what he's selling July 31 - August 2

Find out what's worth buying from the Agent of Nine this weekend in Destiny.


If you’ve put any amount of time into Destiny since release, you’re probably already quite familiar with the weekly exotic salesmen, Xur. Arriving at 5AM ET on Fridays, Xur can be found lurking within the tower until Sunday at 5AM ET. Players can then find, speak with, and purchase various items from Xur in exchange for Strange Coins.

This week players can find Xur hanging out in the Reef. It’s nice to see a change of location, however, he’s a bit trickier to find this time around. Once you spawn into the area, quickly make your way down the stairs past the Bounty Tracker, and then look to your right and take note of the large open door.

Head inside and just to the right to find the Agent of Nine waiting patiently with his goods. The lineup this week isn’t anything special, but it’s a pretty solid lineup when you consider how often players are saddened by Xur’s inventory.

Most of Xur's inventory can be purchased using Strange Coins. If you're starting to run low on Xur's favorite currency we suggest hitting up the Weekly Strike at level 32 to earn 9 Strange Coins. After that your best bet to earning more is to run the strike playlists for Decoherent Engrams.

Exotic Inventory:

No Backup Plans – Exotic Titan Guantlets

  • 369/402 Defense
  • +36/42 Light
  • +97/103 Strength
  • Increases the duration of Force Barrier.
  • Increased melee attack speed.
  • Increased reload speed with Special Weapons.

Knucklehead Radar – Exotic Hunter Helmet

  • 451/491 Defense
  • +36/42 Light
  • +100/106 Strength
  • Grenade hits restore melee energy.
  • More Super energy from non-Guardian kills.
  • Radar remains visible while aiming Primary Weapons.

Claws of Ahamkara – Exotic Warlock Guantlets

  • 369/402 Defense
  • +36/42 Light
  • +55/58 Discipline
  • +64/68 Strength
  • Gain an additional charge for all Warlock charged melees.
  • Increased reload speed with Special Weapons.
  • Increases melee attack speed.

Suros Regime – Exotic Auto Rifle

  • 334/365 Attack
  • The bottom half of each magazine deals bonus damage and has a chance to return health when dealing damage.
  • When zoomed, this weapon fires slow, but causes additional damage.

Exotic Shard

Exotic Helmet Engram

Non-Exotic Inventory:

Pulse Rifle Telemetry

Scout Rifle Telemetry

Sniper Rifle Telemetry

Plasma Drive

Emerald Coil

Heavy Ammo Synthesis

Material Exhange:

Mote of Light

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