Dragon Quest XI announced for PS4, 3DS, and maybe Nintendo NX

Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest XI for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. The publisher also said a Nintendo NX version is also under consideration.


After teasing its announcement as well as accidentally leaking its official logo, Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest XI is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS with a Nintendo NX version under consideration.

Dragon Quest XI is being directed by Takeshi Uchikawa and series composer Koichi Sugiyama will return to work on the game’s score.

The PlayStation 4 version will run on Unreal Engine 4 and is being developed by Square Enix with the assistance of Orca. The Nintendo 3DS version is also in development by the same core team and won’t be a port. It will tell the same story as the PS4 version, although it’ll be presented in a way that makes the most sense for the handheld. The top display will display 3D graphics, while the bottom screen will show the game in a 3D sprite style that’s reminiscent of Dragon Quest’s humble beginnings.

Square Enix didn’t announce a release date for Dragon Quest XI, nor have they announced if it’ll get a Western release, but considering next year marks the 30th anniversary of the series, we wouldn’t be surprised if the title made its way outside of Japan around that time.

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    July 28, 2015 7:26 AM

    Daniel Perez posted a new article, Dragon Quest XI announced for PS4, 3DS, and maybe Nintendo NX

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      July 28, 2015 7:27 AM


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        July 28, 2015 7:28 AM

        ...and then, no western release date

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          July 28, 2015 7:52 AM

          It's coming stateside, though I'd wager only the PS4 version.

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            July 28, 2015 8:00 AM

            So glad I got a ps4 over a xb1.

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              July 28, 2015 8:24 AM

              Yup. If you like Japanese games, especially RPGs, Square Enix's announced list already makes PS4 the clear winner.

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            July 28, 2015 12:45 PM

            got any proof? Their track record isn't great, the last like 3 or 4 DQ games they've told other countries to go fuck themselves

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              July 28, 2015 4:40 PM

              There's a dude on NeoGAF who has some crazy inside scoop that has said all DQ games on Sony platforms will come stateside. He's apparently been right on enough other things that people take him at his word.

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      July 28, 2015 7:31 AM

      I love how this announcement gives is literally nothing as far as potential specs.

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      July 28, 2015 8:17 AM

      That 3ds approach is actually pretty neat.

      Never played any DQ before though, might bite the bullet if this one is ever released in EU...

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        July 28, 2015 8:23 AM

        I'm currently on 'hour 50' of my second DQ8 playthrough but this time on pscx2. It is an amazing game. I put hour 50 in quotes because I've sped the game up to a standard of 75 fps instead of 60 fps and when I want things to go faster I click the left stick and it goes around 130 fps. Makes the random battles a lot more manageable and being able to use savestates and not having to worry about getting to a save point is awesome.

        You may have already played one, Dragon Warrior for NES was originally named Dragon Quest.

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          July 28, 2015 8:29 AM

          Yeah, this is why I cant play FF9 on my vita. I love the game but hate 20 second waits for random battles.

          I need try it on an emulator.

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          July 28, 2015 10:08 AM

          Oh wow. Just checked my save an I'm at hour 71. BTW if you are emulating the game you need to change skip draw to 1 in the HW hacks for DX11 or go software mode in a certain part where you have to follow a shadow. Probably just go software mode because that's how I did it. I just enabled skip draw to 1 and seeing shadows on the ground for the first time haha.

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        July 28, 2015 1:19 PM

        Yeah, that's a really cool idea. Almost makes me want to play it.

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      July 28, 2015 11:47 AM

      OMG this is awesome, it looks INSANE! PS4 footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Q2ejwHFNQ awesome

    • reply
      July 28, 2015 12:16 PM

      pc version please lol

    • reply
      July 28, 2015 3:33 PM

      The 3DS version looks great. I love that second screen. I really want it to release in the west, but I just can't see it happening. :(

    • reply
      July 28, 2015 4:31 PM

      Wow, that 3DS concept is great. I'll have to pick that up.

    • reply
      July 28, 2015 7:30 PM

      I'm very excited. :-)

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