Fallout Shelter for Android releasing on August 13

Bethesda has announced Android users will be able to be their own Vault Overseer in just a few weeks.


Bethesda has announced its Vault Overseer simulator, Fallout Shelter, will be released on Android on August 13.

Fallout Shelter was announced and released during E3 2015 and proceeded to crush the App Store’s top-grossing games spot. Unfortunately, the game’s Android version was nowhere to be seen with Bethesda saying it would be a couple of months until it’s released. Lucky for Android users, that meant August.

In Fallout Shelter, the player is put in the role of a Vault Overseer. Your only objective is to make sure everyone in your Vault is happy and productive while also defending it from raider attacks and the occasional mishap that could potentially wipe out your entire colony. Considering how well its done on the App Store, we're confident Android users will also jump right into the game once it's released.

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