Journey's PS4 promotional image may have outed a new upcoming feature

Thanks to a promotional image for Journey, we may have learned of a new feature expected to come to the PlayStation 4.


Journey is releasing on the PlayStation 4 today, but a promotional image for the game’s dynamic theme may have just outed an upcoming feature to the console.

The promotional image is supposed to show off how the dynamic theme is supposed to look once installed, but that’s not all that it shows off as an extra calendar icon can be found sitting between the friends and messages apps. Notifications can also be seen just above the calendar icon, giving us the impression that this upcoming feature will help alert users to certain noteworthy occasions.

If Sony is planning on releasing a calendar app for the PlayStation 4, we imagine it could be extremely helpful in scheduling online game sessions with friends, reminders for special events in certain games, and keep tabs on weekly game releases. Being able to keep a log of game sessions would also be helpful, especially for parents who would like to cut down the amount of game time their children have each day.

We have reached out to Sony to see if they can shed some light on this mysterious new icon and what it means.

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