Angry Birds 2 coming this month, stretches definition of the number 'two'

That's right, the long wait is over. They're making a second Angry Birds game! 


After fourteen spinoffs and one compilation set since its initial release, you could be forgiven for thinking a direct sequel must have happened in there somewhere. Not so! Angry Birds 2 is coming July 30 of this year, 2015.

That's right. The second Angry Birds.

The announcement from Rovio is short on details, and the official site is just a title image. It's hard to say yet just what sets this one apart to deserve the full numbered sequel treatment. Rovio does note that it has made "multiple mashups and spin-offs" totalling to a staggering 3 billion downloads, and suggests this one is going to be different. We'll see just how soon enough.

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