The Elder Scrolls Online first expansion releasing next month

The first expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online will be released next month on PC/Mac and in mid September on consoles. The expansion will introduce new quests, rewards, PvE and PvP content and more.


Bethesda Softworks and Zenimax Online have released new details for the first expansion for its The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, called Imperial City.

In the upcoming expansion, The Imperial City has fallen to the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal. As a result, three alliances now must battle not only the Daedric forces, but each other as well. The expansion is said to add hours of additional gameplay including new areas to discover, quests to complete, enemies to fight, and exclusive items.

New PvE and PvP content will be introduced that will allow players to come together to fight against the forces of Molag Bal as well as the other Alliances. Additional dungeons are also being introduced inside of the Imperial Sewers network, the White-Gold Tower, and the Imperial Prison.

The Imperial City expansion will also introduce a new currency, called the Tel Var Stones. The stones can be used to earn exclusive Veteran Rank 16 weapons and armor. New pets, mounts, costumes, and polymorphs are also being introduced in both the Imperial City or by visiting the Crown Store.

Imperial City will be available for PC and Mac players on August 31, while Xbox One players can expect it to become available on September 15 and PS4 players get their chance on September 16. The new expansion will be included for those with an active ESO Plus membership or will be available for 2,500 crowns via the ESOTU Crown Store.

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