The Witcher 3 receives 2.2GB patch on PC, isn't the patch we're looking for

CD Projekt Red has released quite the large patch today, although it isn't exactly what we've been looking for.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is expected to get a “very large” update this week across all platforms. PC gamers might have thought they were getting this large update as a new 2.2GB patch was made available today, but unfortunately, this isn’t the patch we were looking for.

Today’s PC update has nothing to do with patch 1.07, instead, it updates the game’s artpack, which includes the artbook, soundtrack, map, manual, and wallpapers. Considering it’s 2.2GB worth of content, we have a feeling nearly everything was replaced with high-res assets.

For those who who low on hard drive space, the content can be deleted without causing any adverse effects. You’ll still be required to download the patch though and you should know if you remove them, verifying the game cache will cause them to download all over again.

It’s close to the end of the week and CD Projekt Red has yet to release patch 1.07, although we’re keeping a close eye out and will report its availability once it’s launched.

[Via Steam]

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