Street Fighter 5 producer teases Blanka reveal with Brazil stage inclusion

Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono has confirmed Street Fighter 5 will feature a stage in Brazil, while also teasing Blanka's upcoming reveal.


Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono has announced Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter 5 will feature a Brazil-themed stage, which comes in addition to the previously announced China and London stages.

Ono’s announcement was made in a video directed to those attending the Warner Brothers Games Summit. The video was made to make up for his absence at the summit, but he wants to make up for it by revealing some new Street Fighter 5 information, specifically the inclusion of a Brazil-themed stage. The video shows off a stage that's in development, which appears to be taking place within city limits instead of the jungle.

Ono also teases Blanka’s upcoming reveal several times throughout the video as a line of figures of the fighter can be seen sitting on his desk. Ono also teases his reveal by saying “if we have a Brazilian stage in the game that means” and then proceeds to don a Blanka costume. “Everyone might have already guessed it,” he says, “but please look forward to Brazil Game Show. We’ll be announcing a new character there.”

The Brazil Game Show takes place between October 8 to October 12, and while we probably won’t be attending the show, we’ll keep an eye out for Blanka’s… we mean, for whoever Ono is planning on revealing debut at the show.

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