Batman: Arkham Knight - Heir to the Cowl - Challenge Locations and Coordinates

Take on all four Combat Trials using Azrael, then put your detective skills to use with this complete guide to the Heir to the Cowl side mission in Batman: Arkham Knight.


After Chapter 3 Batman receives reports of a suspicious man on a rooftop with a burning bat symbol. You’ll need to head around the city and locate the signal, and speak with Azrael to find out what this mission set is all about.

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In order to complete this mission set you’ll need to finish each Combat Challenge without being hit. Completing this side mission will grant a total of 8 WayneTech Upgrade Points.

Combat Trial 1 – Just the Beginning - X:3038, Y:2667
Location: Miagani Island, Kingston, rooftop west of Bank of Gotham

Speak with Azrael to start the mission. For this challenge you’ll have to defeat six soldiers without being hit. We suggest using your counter abilities, and keeping an eye out for any opponents until the challenge is complete.

Combat Trial 2 – Showing Great Skill - X:2774, Y:1448
Location: Founders’ Island, Otisburg, south of Fire Station

This second challenge pits Azrael against seven thugs, and a Brute. Keep an eye out for any thrown objects and melee weapons. In order to easily take down the Brute use your Cape Stun followed up by a Beat Down to finish him off easily, and a quickly. Remember that you cannot get hit a single time, or the challenge will restart.

Combat Trial 3 – A Competent Warrior - X:1905, Y:2343
Location: Bleake Island, Chinatown, west of traffic circle

This challenge features ten soldiers and a Medic. Deal with the Medic first by using the Remote Electrical Charge or Counter Throw. Once the Medic is down, simply take out the following enemies using your Counter and Beat Down moves. Remember not to get hit.

Combat Trial 4 – The Final Challenge - X:2505, Y:2246
Location: Lady of Gotham Island

The final Combat Challenge of the mission set features six Combat Experts who are all equipped with melee weapons. During this challenge the Combat Experts will constantly charge or attack with their dual weapons. Counter their attacks, and take all the enemies down without letting Azrael be damaged to complete this challenge.

Finale – Reconstructing Memories – Coordinates Not Available
Location: Bleake Island, Chinatown, Clock Tower

Now it’s time to put your detective skills to work. As Azrael grapple up to the Clock Tower and then drop down into a hidden area. Once inside the area use the console to look up a date concerning a man named Michael Lane.

Your job this time around is to scan and reconstruct a group of memories that have been tampered with. In order to complete this you must scan four unique Order of San Dumas Lithographs. We’ve provided the time stamps below for easy access.

  • 00:00:00
  • 00:05:55
  • 00:16:44
  • 00:28:92

Once you’ve scanned all four, and reconstructed the memory the mission set will end, and Azrael will be ready to take on his next task without your help.

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