Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition sputters onto PSN on June 25 with limited play

After an extremely long wait, Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition is going to be released tomorrow.


Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition will finally be released on June 25 for PlayStation Plus members, Sony has announced today.

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida made the announcement today saying the team has spent “a long time preparing for this launch after some difficult and unexpected set-backs.” In order to make sure players have a smooth and stable experience, Sony will be duly cautious about how the game is released this time around.

Starting tomorrow, PlayStation Plus members can download Driveclub PS Plus Edition and begin playing in offline mode. Online access will be rolled out as Sony brings more players online while continuously ensuring the experience is as smooth as possible. “We know that this might be frustrating after your extra wait already, but hope you can understand that we are taking extra precautions to protect your experience when you do get online,” Yoshida-san says.

Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition was prematurely released yesterday as Sony took the game down from the PlayStation Network. The official Driveclub Twitter account said servers weren’t ready yet, although with the plan laid out by Yoshida-san, we’re hoping its servers will be able to support the flood of PlayStation Plus members tomorrow.

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