The Tomorrow Children journeys to the unknown in fall 2015

The Tomorrow Children is expected to be released this fall. Thanks to its closed alpha, Q-Games has made several notable improvements to the game.


Sony and Q-Games have announced The Tomorrow Children will be released this fall.

The Tomorrow Children’s closed alpha helped Q-Games to add a ton of new features as well as enriching its story and setting. Some of these additions include magical tools, unique clothing, and “bizarre and imposing structures.”

Tomorrow Children will have players taking control of the fate of their own town, and eventually, the world itself as they build and expand it from a near-empty outpost into a lively town that has shops, facilities, and even a home of their very own. Players will need to defend everything they’ve built from attacking invaders from the edge of existence.

As The Tomorrow Children’s release date comes closer, Q-Games will reveal more information on the game, specifically its visuals, new features, tools, enemies, and places to explore.

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