E3 2015: Lara Croft Go is Everything You'd Expect From Tomb Raider

Based around the same board game style as Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go is Square Enix’s next dash into the premium mobile gaming world. Completely controlled by the swipe of your finger, the simplicity of the Go series translates well into the Tomb Raider world.


Building off of what the lessons learned with Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go is a massive leap forward in look and feel. Though it still boasts the same turn-based strategy and simplicity of action, the player’s character piece is now fully animated, and more detailed with several varying animations that ooze the old school Tomb Raider that many of us love.

The art style also lends itself well to the idea, as the cartoony, board game look translates well into the feel of the temple ruins that Lara is exploring in this iteration of the game. The environment was both stunning, and simple, with moving parts in the background slowly revealing Lara’s future goals.

Another thing I found intriguing about Lara Croft Go is Square’s decision to let each level tell the story. Instead of throwing cutscene after cutscene at you, the game simply tells a story of its own through the environment. As we finished up one of the few levels demoed for us, we could easily see the shape of a giant guardian of some kind awakening and moving around in the background. Of course if you aren’t really into the story you can easily ignore it and just solve the puzzles.

Speaking of puzzles, Lara Croft Go is everything that a Tomb Raider game should be in that respect. Instead of simply barging in and shooting holes into everything, Lara must use her smarts to solve puzzles, flip switches, and evade enemies. Of course you can kill the enemies with the customary dual pistols, or even use the environment, or one-time use items against them, but the puzzles and strategy are still built into the fundamentals of it all.

Daniel Lutz, one of the Game Directors with Square Enix, said the game's story mode will take roughly four to five hours. However, there will plenty of artifacts and collectibles for those who really love the experience to find. Lara Croft Go is currently on track to release some time this year. 

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