E3 2015: Harmonix Bringing Music VR to Project Morpheus

Harmonix announces Music VR for Project Morpheus, a virtual reality experience based on the music you select.


In an effort to make music more immersive than ever, Harmonix (makers of Rock Band and Amplitude) just announced Music VR for Project Morpheus via the PlayStation Blog. Essentially, it's a music visualizer built from the ground up for virtual reality support, so you experience your music in deep, psychedelic, ways depending on the world you select. Every song generates a unique event sequence, and decorative effects may show up according to the type of music. Fireflies may appear to compliment relaxing melodies while other songs could take a turn for the weird.

It's unclear if Music VR will launch simultaneously alongside the Morpheus, or whether or not it will be a free to use. However, you can look forward to a melodiously mind-blowing experience.

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