PlayStation 4 getting Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls in digital and retail form

Quantic Dreams' Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will tell their amazing tales on the PlayStation 4.


Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are heading to the PlayStation 4, according to Sony’s European PlayStation blog and then confirmed by the developer’s Twitter profile.

When both games release, they’ll available for digital purchase or as a part of a discounted double pack both available digitally or physically.

Information is still scarce at this point, although we assume both games will be available in 1080p and we’re hopeful they’ll run at a smooth 60fps. Sony has included a Photo Mode in its recent re-releases, so there’s always a chance something like that could be available in both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

Since both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls feature multiple endings, those who played them when they originally released on the PlayStation 3 shouldn't feel too bored with their upcoming releases. We've played both a handful of times and we still plan on taking the plunge when it hits the PlayStation 4.

[Via PlayStation Blog, Twitter]

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