I Am Bread begins baking for a summer release on PlayStation 4

Bossa Studios' bread simulator game, I Am Bread, is heading to the PlayStation 4 this summer.


I Am Bread will soon be sharing its tasty morsels onto the PlayStation 4 this summer, Bossa Studios has announced.

I Am Bread has players assuming the role of a delicious slice of bread as you work your way outside of the confines of the kitchen, through the home of its unsuspecting owner, and ultimately make your way outside. The game features several different game modes, a narrative-driven story, and a number of bread types to choose from.

Bossa Studios is working with Just Add Water, known for its recent title, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, to bring I Am Bread to the PlayStation 4.

I Am Bread has to be the best bread simulator out there since -- well, it’s the only one currently available. The game left the Steam Early-Access oven back in early April, and since then, it’s been receiving a steady flow of updates, including the Star Wars-inspired Starch Wars DLC.

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