Bravely Second End Layer comes to 3DS in 2016

Square Enix and Nintendo have announced we can expect Bravely Default's sequel, Bravely Second End Layer, in 2016.


Bravely Second End Layer will be heading to North America on the 3DS family of systems in 2016, Nintendo has announced today.

Bravely Second End Layer will feature a brand-new story, a new protagonist, and won’t require players to have experienced the original game in order to play it. Although if you happened to have played Bravely Default, you’ll be able to catch up with some returning characters as well as a few additional surprised the developers have in store.

The story of Bravely Second End Layer focuses around Agnes Oblige once again as she’s been kidnapped, and it’s up to Yu Zeneolsia to rescue her. The player will be joining Yu on his grand adventure in a game where the battles are deeper than the previous title’s.

Bravely Second End Layer is the sequel to Square Enix’s popular JRPG game, Bravely Default, which released on the 3DS back in October 2012. Bravely Default sold extremely well for the publisher, which is why we weren’t completely surprised to hear a sequel was in the works.

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