Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Announced for June Release

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure for the Nintendo 3DS was announced today during the Nintendo Direct presentation. The game, which brings back the color matching capsule and virus puzzle gameplay, supports a number of different modes and introduces the Miracle Cure system.


The Doctor is in. Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure brings back the classic Tetris-like gameplay with the medicinal flair to the Nintendo 3DS. In it, you have to match 4 of the same colored capsules or viruses to wipe them out. Except, this time around, antiviral medicine is getting some extra twists, including a virus buster stylus based minigame, a Dr. Luigi mode (where you only play with L shapes), and a Miracle Cure system.

Miracle Cures appear by matching capsules and filling up the gauge on the right side of the bottle. Using one can either wipe out all capsules and virus with the matching color, remove entire columns, or destroy everything within a radius. These Miracle Cures translate into in-game medicines in competitive multiplayer my interrupting the opponent's progress. Abilities include reversing controls, increasing the drop rate speed, or preventing capsule rotation. If that all sounds like a bit much, the Miracle Cure feature can always be turned off.

As an added bonus, Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure will support download play, so two players can battle each other using one cartridge. Other multiplayer modes include cooperative play, where players can work to clear viruses together.

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure is available for pre-purchase starting today and will release on the Nintendo eShop on June 11th.

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