5 Weirdest Foods You Eat in Video Games

It's Pac-man's 35th anniversary, and we're celebrating his insatiable appetite by ordering up some of the weirdest foods video game charcters can eat. Ghosts might be involved too.


Today is Pac-man's 35th anniversary! To celebrate the yellow pellet eater's insatiable appetite, we're checking out some of the strangest and most disgusting things players get to eat in video games.

Dog Food - Wolfenstein 3D / The New Order

Fighting castle full of Nazi soldiers is tough work, and William "B.J." Blazkowicz needs to keep his strength up. Unfortunately, having dozens of fully cooked turkey leg dinners hidden throughout the castle walls isn't always enough. When you're feeling overwhelmed an low on health, a nice bowl of dog food. Fortunately, those German Shepherds eat extraordinarily well, and a nice bowl of puppy chow is just the pick-me-up players need to keep moving. Just don't think too much about what's in it.

Radroaches - Fallout Series

There is a long, long list of terrible things to eat or drink the Fallout series. For example, you could eat a nice kabob made from mystery meat (aka human flesh), and wash it down with some still glowing Nuka-Cola Quantum (with that yummy Strontium kick), and come out feeling great. But, since brahmin steaks and other foodstuffs aren't always easy to come by, we're going to go with one of the most prevalent creatures in the post-nuclear apocalyptic world. Giant radroaches. They're among the first creatures you come across, and they're fairly easy to take down. Roach meat might not be very tasty, and eating it raises your radiation exposure, but if most people will eat just about anything when they're desperately low on health. If you end up liking it, there's plenty more, and we hear some people consider radroach eggs a delicacy. 

Monster Meat - Don't Starve

With a game title like Don't Starve, you'd think the point of the game is to eat as much of everything as you can. And, what's more plentiful in magical hell dimension than monsters? Tasty, meaty, monsters. Tiny birds, rabbits and berries don't always cut it, and beefalo are too hard to kill, so sometimes you have to give in to desperation and munch on a crunchy spider leg. Monster Meat will quickly drive your character insane, but that could be a good thing. If you're insane, then you don't have to think about what you're eating. Those pig people look delicious too.

Trash Can Food - BioShock / Streets of Rage, et al

Pretty much every old-school 1980s arcade brawling game like Final Fight, Streets of Rage and Rival Turf featured a very special treat. Kick over a trash can, and a delicious apple would pop out. It can be eaten in a single bite and restores health. Trash food makes a big comeback in BioShock, where apples and bags of potato chips remain remarkably well preserved, despite being stuffed in trash bins for weeks. But really, if you're already willing to inject a mysterious glowing liquid into yourself just because some voice on the radio asked you kindly to, then eating food straight from the trash isn't much of a leap.

Special Tea - Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point

Tea is technically a drink, but this one has an egg in it, so we're counting it as food. In the horror themed Nightmare in North Point add-on for Sleeping Dogs, demonic spirits run amok in Hong Kong, and Wei Shen must find a way to exorcize them. In order to defeat the main spirits, he has to make his way across streets filled zombies and Chinese vampires to gather up ingredients for a special herbal tea. These three ingredients are a Ghost Pepper, the Egg of the Albino Hen, and antifreeze. It seems most Chinese magic is based on antifreeze. Other ingredients include goat dung and moldy rat's blood. Despite potential adverse health effects, the tea give's Wei Shen the power he needs to battle the demonic spirit of Smiley Cat.

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