Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon coming to 3DS in winter 2015

A new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game is making its way to the 3DS later this year.


Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will be making its way to the Nintendo 3DS in winter 2015, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company International have announced today.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is said to offer “even greater, randomly created dungeons” as players battle alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokemon to save the world in a story that’s filled with both adventure and mystery.

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series has sold over 13 million units worldwide, the last of which, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, released back in March 2013. The Nintendo 3DS line has expanded since then, which makes us wonder if the new game will take advantage of the New 3DS or if it’ll be playable across all 3DS systems.

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