Nintendo Brings On Bowser as VP of Sales Hire

Nintendo has finally hired Bowser in his rightful role as VP of Sales. Doug Bowser, that is. No relation to that other Bowser.


Nintendo announced today that one of the most thematically named people in the world has been hired as the new VP of Sales. Known throughout all of the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser - as in Doug Bowser, who has no relation to King Koopa - will oversee a variety of functions that include sales, in-store merchandising, retail strategy, and retail marketing to generate demand and achieve sales goals for Nintendo products. Additionally, he'll be managing over key customer relationships and oversee retail marketing for the Nintendo World store in New York City. 

Doug Bowser previously worked at Electronic Arts as Vice President of Global Business and Planning. We'll soon see what Bowser has planned for Mario and Princess Peach. No word yet on whether he'll help solve the Amiibo shortage. 


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