Nintendo shipped 10.5 Million Amiibo, But Not Enough to Meet Demand

In today's earnings presentation, Nintendo revealed that 10.5 million Amiibo have shipped globally, making it one of its most popular products. But it's not enough fix shortages.


Today's Nintendo's financial briefing revealed that there are millions of Amiibo in the world. About 10.5 million and counting, to be more precise, with 5.7 million of them shipping in 2014. But even these high numbers are not enough to meet demand for some of the more popular figures among the figurine collection.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata states in the earnings presentation that Amiibo may become an evergreen product line, since "people purchase additional Amiibo figures without any seasonal bias, as they are relatively more affordable than video game titles."

Iwata later acknowledged the supply shortage problem, but states, "However, we are very sorry that we can't promise at what point we will likely be able to resolve the current situation because figures such as these require a considerable amount of time to produce, store shelf space is limited and it is difficult to precisely predict the exact amount of overall demand."

The issue is likely to get worse before it gets any better, as the number of Amiibo compatible games increases.

Charts show that about 66 percent of Amiibo are purchased in the US and Canada, making North America the market leader in Amiibo adoption.


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