6 Android Games for Topping Your High Score

Sometimes, your biggest rival is yourself, along with every other name on that leaderboard. Here are six of the best games made for making and breaking high scores.


There's no better challenge, and no greater feeling, than beating your own high score. Here are six highly addictive games that will keep you glued to your Android device in the hopes of doing better than you did before. For the best experience, play on high-end devices like the Nvidia Shield tablet, portable, or console. 

Trails frontier

Hop onto your motorcycle, ridden by crazy characters, and even crazier tracks. This is a racing game with a very special twist. Each track is essentially a physics based puzzle. It's up to you to maneuver your racer, perform stunts, and beat them with the best time and score possible. Upgrade your bike, unlock new abilities, and use them to climb up the global leaderboards in 250 missions.

Joe Danger

Take the role of the world's most determined stunt man, Joe Danger, who was taken out of the entertainment industry after a debilitating injury. He's back to perfect health, and is ready to get back on his stunt bike, but his skills are a little rusty. Pull off death defying stunts and beat a series of crazy cartoon challenges to reclaim the title of Master of Disaster. The game is optimized for Nvidia Shield devices, with controls that use touch gestures o pull off tricks and knock obstacles out of the way. Work your way back the top and become a stuntman legend once again.

Pac-Man Championship Edition

The iconic Pac-Man returns with improved graphics and fast-paced gameplay for your dot and ghost chomping pleasure. Go for big combos and set up 5 or 10 minute time limit challenges to win that high score. But beware, because the higher the score grows, the faster the game becomes.

Voxel Rush

Enhanced to take advantage of Tegra K1 devices like the Nvidia Shield, Voxel Rush puts you on a speed run through a 3D world. Fearlessly dodge obstacles while moving at high speeds and try not to crash. Collect power-ups and see of far you can go to make that high score grow.

Crazy Taxi

Select a driver, pick up a fare, and get ready to make some crazy cash. In Crazy Taxi, you need to get your passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible. The better you are at dodging traffic and finding high-flying shortcuts, the more money you'll make. So get out there and earn some fat stacks.

Jetpack Joyride

The only thing better than flying around a test laboratory in a jet pack is doing it with one that fires guns to propel itself. Jet across levels and pick up as many coins as you can along the way. Pick up power-ups and unlock gadgets for even more high soaring mayhem. But beware, the facility's defense systems won't look kindly on your little joyride.

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    April 30, 2015 6:30 PM

    Steven Wong posted a new article, 6 Android Games for Topping Your High Score

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      April 30, 2015 9:20 PM

      Most of these games are console/PC titles that were ported. Voxel Rush and Jetpack Joyride re the only games that were designed for the mobile platform. There are many great "high score chasers" that can only be found on mobile platforms that deserve the spotlight more than these already popular titles. This list could have included such fantastic games as:

      Dragon, Fly
      Dungeon Raid
      Plague Inc
      Or any of the slew of endless runners like Sonic Dash or Ultimate Spider-Man

      Also, not really a dig at the article itself, but links to the respective store pages would have been nice.

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